Diabetes: A Life Sentence? is a look at the fifty-plus-year battle that the writer and creator of type1ct.com, Cinda Thompson, has had with Type 1 Diabetes.

Diagnosed when she was only eleven years old, Cinda finally felt that as an adult, she had to confront this great darkness that had come over her life before she could feel free. This has proven to be emotionally true. When she was growing up, she simply lived by the rule that she would have an adventurous, but normal life, and she pretty much has.

Follow along as Cinda writes about her diagnosis, how it affected her childhood, the literal highs and lows, the money aspect, her adult life, and everything in between.

Cinda wishes to thank everyone that visits this website, and hopes that her words can help and inspire others to join the fight to find a cure for this terrible illness.

To read more, please also visit her collection of essays titled “So Where’s the Cure?” at her website, cindathompsonwriting.com. While you’re there, you can also read her amazing collections of poetry, short stories, and other personal essays. While this disease may have slowed her down at times, it never stopped her, which is very clear to see in her writing.

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